International collaboration

Silvia Melnic, the lecturer of the department is member of two projects:

  1. Fundamental national project no.11.817.08.22F“Study of geometric and electronic structure of new coordinative compounds and nanomaterials, spin dynamics and redox processes of hydrogen production by water photolysis”. The strategy of this project is: “The development of human, natural and informational resources for sustainable development of country’s economy”. Project director – academician, doctor habilitate in chemistry, Professor Turta Constantin.
  2. International project FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSESNo. 246 902Photocatalytic Cluster Complexes for Artificial Photosynthesis Applications”. Consortium for this project(Prof. Andrew Benniston – UK; academician Constantin Turta – Moldova; Prof. Ionel Mangalagiu – Romania) was explicitly assembled in order to obtain catalysts based on transition metal complexes required for water photolysis. Coordinator of the project – Prof. Andrew Benniston, Newcastle University, UK. Executive team leader of Moldova – Academician, doctor habilitate in Chemistry, Professor Constantin Turta.